Cioccolato amaro: Lesley Lokko: Books – Cora said: Another perfectly indulgent offering from Lesley Lokko. praticamente i giorni nostri, Cioccolato amaro racconta le vicissitudini di tre ragazze: Laure. Premetto che credo che questo sarĂ  l’ultimo romanzo che leggerò della Lokko, sebbene tutti mi parlino bene de L’estate francese e Cioccolato amaro.

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I wish she has expunge the melanie lsley from the story and the book altogether. Racism and colour remains a theme throughout the book. It is super long but it didn’t feel like it. Her mother sells her baby, in which the girl gets really pissed duh and leaves.

Lesley Lokko

I was excited to read this novel, but unfortunately it did not live up to other Lokko books, good to read though. Melanie Miller is a rock star’s daughter who has everything clothes, shoes, bags everything money can buy except love and affection. I was also unimpressed that the success of the women in the novel seemed hinged on finding the right man.

I put it on my average-not-exceptional shelf.

Lesley Lokko on Apple Books

She hadn’t said a word. Spanning decades and continents, it’s the story of three women: I also could not understand an adult daughter not questioning her mother about her past and her father.


Lo,ko are the main reasons that I find this book worth 3 stars and Lesley Lokko an author worth watching nevertheless.

Tranne Ian forsenon c’era un personaggio descritto in modo negativo! Io non so se avete mai letto “David COpperfield”, di Dickens.

When Laure makes the decision she does, it also effects Ameline which sends her on her own path of a new life. Ameline is a “reste-avec” who is basically a compannion for Laure.

Having said all that I enjoyed most of it and would read the author’s work again. Will look for other books by this author. Years go by and they don’t talk and she makes it on her own.

If you want trash why not just watch TV?

As like the other book, she goes to Africa for like work or something and loves it there and develops her own company there or something. The writing was also quite elementary, though if you’re after an easy read that is also quite enjoyable at times then this book will offer that.

The book is pages so I wasn’t sure if I would actually finish it.

Esistenze diverse che si intrecciano casualmente per costruire una trama ben strutturata e evvincente un libro eccezionale. Sat up late with one of those Couldn’t put it down but was sadly cuoccolato with the ending.


An Absolute Deception by Lesley Lokko

Tre caratteri, educazioni, ceti sociali diversi. Nope, this is a more personal writing piece for me. I wish the author had decided to tell just one of the stories. Just could not get into this. Non siamo a livello “Beautiful”. It is basically a story of the trials and tribulations of the lives and relationships of these girls as they grow up from adolescence into adulthood.

An Absolute Deception

This book tells 3 different stories within the one novel. Xmaro gets a little blah Another sweeping epic from the same author as Saffron Skies. It’s a fluffy read, nothing earth shattering but it’s got a good story, interesting characters and good writing.

The novel is hopeful, a series of ups and downs that I was not quite sure how it will end until it tapered around the th page– my copy had pages. I picked llkko Lesley Lokko from an esteemed friend’s collection. May 08, Lucy Hewitt-gudgin rated it it was ok.